Split Taper Bushing

Additional Features:
Made of Steel
For use with cast iron bushed bore pulley
This U1 Bushing with 5-1/2″ bore is a high-quality precision Split Taper Bushing china product that’s built for strength and strength. U1 bushings are being used in an extensively wide range of applications, which includes; sprockets, shaves, pulleys, gears, and much more, we as well offer most of these goods. What sets this bushing apart may be the high-quality steel development along with specific manufacturing and high quality control; this means that you always get yourself a premium quality steady product. What really units us in addition to the other men is our highly trained expert workers and our company-wide objective of customer satisfaction.
1. Be certain the tapered cone areas of the bushing and the within of the driven product will be clean and free from anti-seize lubricants.
2. Place the bushing in sprocket or various other part type that accepts the bushing.
3. Place cap screws loosely in pull-up holes. The bushing continues to be loose to assure sliding in shape on shaft.
4. With important on shaft, slide the sprocket or other part type to the desired placement on the shaft. Make sure to keep the heads of the cap screws available.
5. Align the sprocket or part type, tighten the screws alternatively and progressively until they happen to be pulled up tight. Usually do not make use of extensions on the wrench handles and do not permit the sprocket or part to become drawn i connection with flange of bushing. At this point there must be a gap between the bushing flange and sprocket, make sure this gap does not close.
Double split barrel ensures concentricity
Grips the shaft with great clamp fit
High torque carrying capacity
Permits blind assembly
Load not carried or tied to mounting screws
External key of all sizes for great drive and better torque carrying capabilities
Double-split barrel for confident clamping
Solid flange to maintain concentric bores
Available in inch, metric, and spline bores. Bore range from 3/8″ to 10″
Solid Flange & Twice Split Barrel – Assures better concentricity to the shaft.
Key to Key Drive – With keys about both shaft and product to supply the strongest possible travel.
3/4″ per Foot Taper on Barrel – Self locking taper supplies the highest degree of mechanical locking product to product.

Taper bushing are trusted as well as sprockets, v-belt pulleys, timing pulleys, coupling and other mechanical parts with taper bore connections.
Taper bushing series are constructed of high quality engineered elements with great tolerance. The feature is easy to make use of and needs no more alteration. These bushings can fit almost a myriad of assemblies and sizes. They are the best choice in style for mechanical connections.
To complete designations put bore size. For instance: PD1215X16MM designates a 1215 taper bushing with a 16mm bore.
No costly re-boring: full selection of both metric and imperial readily available.
Standard range matches up to 125mm/5″ shafts & Hub diameter required depends upon the application.
Complete brief reach range obtainable, for compact light-weight assemblies & Clean, Compact Style.
Ease of installation and removal.
This Split Taper Bushing was created exclusively for use with cast iron bushed bore pulleys and may be purchased on a single page as the pulley you need.
For use with 1 3/16” shaft sizes.
Includes 2 set screws.