globoid worm

Ever-power Globoidal pinion produced by grinding.

Producing of 3-dimentional CAD models of Globoid equipment with different variants of the tooth geometry and related to different manufacturing procedures. Globoid gears and pinions could be produced directly from Ever-power 3-d CAD data files on CNC machines.
Simulation of existing and novel high production value manufacturing processed. Mathematical modeling of the process with globoid worm software development for complete analytical features, such as for example 3-d CAD modeling, tooth get in touch with analyses, driving effectiveness analyses, and tension analyses.
Development of custom style and manufacturing software for external and for imbedded software products targeted for CNC and other Globoid creation machines.
Reverse engineering, forensic gear analyses, design concepts.
Globoid and other equipment related business advancement and marketing assistance.
Custom production of innovative and competition critical intellectual property.

Ever-power capabilities and services in relation to Globoid (Double Enveloping worm) gear:

Ever-power developed a complete software package for simulation of the 3-dimentional model and tooth get in touch with of Ultra Globoid Gear

The other good exemplory case of the benefit to use Ever-power methodology is Ultra Globoid Gear advancement which was conducted in 2001 under a contract with New Venture Gear. While the practical test results of the novel Ultra Globoid Equipment design is not disclosed, Ever-power was the principal supplier of the look and analyses software program, which made it possible production and validation of the apparatus.

As well as the improvement of the driving performance and price reduction Ever-power wormoid steering column design can be smaller sized in packaging. Due to the skew axis the electrical motor could be placed closer to the center of the steering column.