Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

diaphragm pump is an ideal match for many applications in the laboratory and operations because it is oil-free and whisper calm, and because it requires so small service. Diaphragms have especially lengthy lives and hermetically seal the drive space from the pumping chamber to safeguard mechanical parts from corrosion. The pumps attain their distinctively high performance from high pumping chamber quantity in accordance with the minimal dead space. Highly flexible dual diaphragms with fabric reinforcement make certain an exceptionally long diaphragm life time. The pumps operate completely oil free and do not have any sliding parts in the gas route. In normal operation they are completely free of abrasion. Besides contributing to the long services intervals the lack of abrasion also eliminates most of the particulate impurities often brass worm gear set generated within scroll or piston pumps. This makes diaphragm pumps a good choice for clean applications.