long pitch 700 Class Pintle Chain of-fers optimum power at minimum weight. It can be to-tally suited for sewage plant applications as well as other conveying and elevating uses. Sidebars have casted lugs to ?t.
T-head pins ?t snugly, getting rid of pin rotation and preventing the entrance of grime and grit in to the accu-rately cored pin holes. Closed bearing building also aids to help keep the chain safe and sound from pitch elonga-tion on account of abrasive dress in.
Riveted chain development is suggested for sewage application, but both cottered or riveted con-struction is available on request. Stainless steel cot-ters can be furnished when speci?ed.
“F” attachments proven within the following pages and tables conform to sector specifications. Nevertheless, lots of specials are also offered. Make contact with for details.
700 Class Pintle Chain is furnished with carbon steel heat treated pins. These pins realize optimum articulation because they are man-ufactured to exact diameters which effectively ?t the ac-curately cored holes from the chain back links.
Brutaloy sprocket wheels can be found.The curved sidebars on 700 Class Pintle Chain certainly are a attribute which enhances maximum chain lifestyle when chain is run on Chain Saver Hunting Tooth Sprockets. A, F, K, and M Design attachments can be found. The “F” fashion attachments have massive encounter plates with bolt holes for safe mounting of wooden ?ights.
As drive chain, 700 Class Pintle back links are designed to travel during the path of their barrel ends; as ele-vator and conveyor chain, they need to travel inside the di-rection of their open ends. All 700 Class Chain is made to manufacturer’s specifications and it is in-terchangeable with other manufacturers’ chain.